Wayne Marshall Inks Deal With The Marley clan

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By Basil Walters


MARSHAL... we've been working with the Marleys for like over a year and a half, and we just recently, very recently, inked a deal for the first album

Artiste Wayne Marshall, now in an alliance of sorts with the Marley clan, is poised to take his music to the next level. This perspective is born out of the recently signed album deal with the Marley’s Ghetto Youth outfit, with which he has been working for over a year and half.

We’ve been working with the Marleys for like over a year and a half, and we just recently, very recently, inked a deal for the first album which is still in the early stages,” the dancehall deejay with the signature sound “tru tru tru” revealed.

A household name in dancehall since the mid-90s, Marshall promised that by next year the album, which will be produced by Damian and Steven Marley on their Ghetto Youths’ imprint, will be ready.

“So I’m really looking forward to that which is really going to take my music to the next level with the expertise of Steve and Damian (Marley) at the controls,” he told the Observer.

The Jamaican artiste, born Wayne Mitchell, who shares stage name with the distinguished classical musican Wayne Marshall (British born pianist, organist, conductor), recently dropped his latest album called Good Love. Produced by Yaad Vibes Entertainment, Good Love is all about bringing back that authentic lovers rock groove.

Of the video for the lead single, he says, “I’ve made a conscious effort to try and bring a concept that has never been presented on a video format. It’s a one-drop song, it’s a lovers rock vibes. The song is Good Love, produced by Yaad Vibes Entertainment. And the concept is about me in a relationship and keeping the relationship alive by doing creative stuff,” Wayne Marshall explained.

“It’s kind of my way of expressing what I would do if I’m involved in a long term relationship and what other people out there can experiment with. It’s just a nice sexy vibes,” he added.

Asked to give his take on the Broadcasting Commission’s restrictions on certain types of dancehall music, Marshall who was a panelist discussing the issue at the Caribbean Studies Association conference, gave a measured response.

“My view on the bans and the restrictions is very intricate . because some stuff I agree with, some stuff I don’t. But generally, the restrictions and the new standard that has been set, I think is a very definite positive for the music,” he said, while stating that it can also stifle creativity.

“Because there must be some sort of creative expression where we can toe the line of what is to be edited and what can pass to play. Like a creative play on words. The way how you say something or add humour to it.”

He also called for a direct line of communication between the Broadcasting Commission and the artistes whereby a song can be sent to the commission for approval.

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