Who Killed Bob Marley? The true story.

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This is the latest release from Walter Bidén Productions. Who Killed Bob Marley – is an animated documentary that compile conspiracy theories, rumours and facts about the death of reggae legend Bob Marley. All is presented by the presumably (at least in his own consideration) world renowned music journalist and movie maker Walter Bidén. “This is a 9-year-project finally afloat”, says animator/director Patrik Agemalm. We’ve put so much love and effort into the Walter character that he actually came alive”. “We came up with the idea for the movie after seeing Kurt & Courtney by Nick Broomfield”, says writer/voice artist Fredrik Lindgårdh. “It was just hilarious that Nick was more on camera than his supposed suspects – we just had to do something with that”.

The final result is of course a collective effort – considering all the years gone by. Patrik Agemalm (Director/animator), Fredrik Lindgårdh (Writer/Voice Artist), Calle Nathansson (writer), Anders Eriksson (writer), Mats Jernudd (executive producer), Erik Holmberg (soundtrack). Contact: patrik.agemalm@gmail.com

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1 Comment on "Who Killed Bob Marley? The true story."

  1. Johnny Exile

    Epic failure

    After reading about this movie I really wanted to c it.
    Had to shut it down after 2 minutes doe.
    I don’t know if the narrator’s (Fredrik Lindgård)
    (sw)english is that bad irl or that it’s just a stab at being funny, anyhow his voie fucks up the whole vibe. His Ingvar Kamprad english is so bad it’s not even acceptable. Sure, since he’s from sweden a try at sounding like a jamaican or an american whould have been totaly see through, but over doing his poor english into this, it’s just bad judgement, obviously Fredrik Lindgård is surrounded by yes men and others with equaly bad sense for humor.

    and that’s a shame since they have put in 9(!) years into the project.
    Whish someone would dub this with proper english, Mad Cobra perhaps?


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