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Flippa Mafia performed at the Best of the Best concert in Miami recently, making a direct reference to Bounty Killer as he closed his set with Unfinished House. He explained why he did such a truncated set at the event and where his lyrical feud with Bounty Killer is headed.

“The song was never about Bounty Killer, the only song mi do directly for Bounty Killer was Walk Wid Liquor because Bounty walk wid Hennessy and mi see Notnice dem tek it up so mi do a song about it. I have a next song called Mi No Fraida Dem on the Style Dem riddim that sick too. Three quarter of the man dem fraida Killa, but mi nah war wid Killa, mi ah the flossing king, mi nah stop be me, I am not a clash deejay, but mi nah back down from Killa.”

Flippa said he respected Bounty Killer as an ‘elder’ in the business and for his contribution to the music industry but he would not back down from a challenge.

“Him no like see yute shine, him cannot be happy for them and stop bad mind dem especially if a yute nah say Alliance. Killer is not anymore elder than me in the business, ah just through mi never get the break like him. Mi deejay ah Sting inna 1991, ask Killer if him ever work at Coney Park. Buju Banton call me up over de and mi call up Little Wicked, and mi de round Capleton before him rass and me ah the only one around him from dem time de who never ras when him say rastafari. So Killa is no more elder than me, if him diss me, me ah go diss him back.”

Word on the street is that Bounty Killer promised that the Flippa friction is far from over when he remarked at the party: “mi no fight my war a foreign, wait till yu reach ah Jamaica’.

“Bounty Killer is a talker, if yu stand up to him, him back down. Mi nah follow up Killer. Him call mi name over Best of the Best and get boo. Anno walk over ting, and when the war start, anno talk over ting. Eye for an eye, tooth fi a tooth,” Flippa said confidently.

Flippa Mafia scored two top ten hits, including the breakout hit, Dem Yah and Dem Yah. He has continued that torrid pace with the hit, Unfinished House which is vaulting up the Jamaica Music Countdown charts.

“I want to change my life, music inna me from day one. Mi used to name Little Flippa, ask Admiral Bailey from dem time de, mi used to pick up bottle after Heatwave dance ah Waterhouse, mi love the music. Mi grow up poor but mi used to clothes, mi uncle was Zion Dread, one of the biggest higglers pon Princess Street, downtown.

But right now, the world is in crisis, and me ah try tell the yutes dem fi make money and enjoy themselves, dem nuh haffi sell out dem soul, just see things in a different way, and enjoy yu life. Mi no proud of certain things inna mi life, but mi a try change and elevate myself. So why that must be a problem to Killer. Him no respect people and how hard dem have to work fi mek dem money.”

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