Chris Brown Walks..Rihanna still wants to be close to him

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cbrezzyWe  know some of you female Stans are doing back flips as word hits the media mill that Chris “Beat’ em Down” Brown receives a slap on the wrist and gets 5 years probation, enlist in a violence abuse rehab and has to do some B.S. azz community work, but yes truth enough the  case is resolved and the order has been handed down. Chris Brown must complete 180 days of community service, i.e picking up trash and cleaning dump trucks. He’s on probation for 5 years and must remain at least 50 yards away from Rihanna and 10 yards if they are attending the same event. But wait, there is more…

Rihanna thought the stay-away order was unnecessary. This dude physically abused her, why would she not want him to stay as far from  you as possible?

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2 Comments on "Chris Brown Walks..Rihanna still wants to be close to him"

  1. SASHA

    what was the point her taking him to court if she gonna say thats not necessary for the restraint order….she rather see him 5 years locked up…if not we still friends..bitch please


    thats wha happen with ya’ll girls..ball police den a sey sorry dont worry….the man freee now…ouch a so it go sometimes

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