FEATURE: Top 10 Jamaican beauties in music in 2016

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To be a premier musician in the industry, image – just as much as talent – is everything. If you are a female artiste, having the looks and sex appeal certainly is a big help to boost your career and reach to music lovers, as long as the vocals and stage presence are as striking.

Many of our female musicians possess beauty that, for lack of a better term, hits the right notes, combining their best attributes in voice and in vogue to establish staying power within an industry that hardly hesitates to push you to the waste side. The ladies in our newest Top 10 list not only know how to get us nodding our heads to the airwaves, but turn our heads every time we see them live or on social media. Here’s a look at some of these ravishing beauties – from vocalists to disc jocks – that capture our eyes along with our ears.

Honourable Mentions:


Stacious – Now juggling media engagements as a radio host on Sun City Radio, Stacious isn’t as prevalent on the mic as she once was, but still rips in on the mic and with her curves. Her latest hit, Compose shows how much of a sex symbol and quality lyricist she continues to be.

Nikki Z

Nikki Z – Arguably the most beautiful disc jock in the Caribbean, the naturally beautiful & curvaceous Diva Nikki Z has long been one of radio’s most eye-catching personalities. You can catch her every morning on the Rise & Blaze Morning Show on FAME 95 FM as well as bringing style and fun to any event she hosts.

Danielle D.I.

Danielle D.I. – She knows how to turn up the heat and go borderline X-rated if need be to drive home her legitimacy as a sex symbol while keeping it classy. Hits such as I’m A Rebel (alongside Cherine Anderson) and Hear The Pree (alongside Kiprich) are evident of this and, as showcased in a recent shoot honouring America’s Independence Day (she’s an American citizen), Danielle won’t stop teasing and reveling in her risque nature anytime soon.

Tifa dancehall

10. Tifa – To quote some of her lyrics from her 2015 hit, Ratings, music lovers ratings for Tifa’s looks are ‘tall, tall, tall, tall, tall’ and her ‘body make him surrender,’ as male fans can’t get enough of this curvaceous beauty.

Known for hits such as Spell It Out, Champion, Bottom of the Barrel and countless others over the years, she has undoubtedly been one of the best lyricists around over the last decade and has earned her keep – including various chart success and awards – for as long as she has been in the spotlight. There is no doubt also, that her assets have grabbed the attention of music lovers during that span and continues to slay where ever she goes.

Anything she rocks is a hit just like many of the songs she has recorded, showing she can fit in any style anywhere.


9. Shuga – She’s as sweet sounding and deliciously beautiful as the name suggests. Originally known as Brown Shuga when she won Digicel Rising Stars in 2009, Shuga has added that bit more soul and sensuality to her music; from the powerful Ebony, to the cheeky, yet clever hits such as Crime Scene (Johnny Dead) and 9.58.

Her body is just as strong and sexy as her vocals, making her a very appealing act. Actually, act is probably the wrong word to describe her given her beauty and concepts to her music are both all natural. She’s confidently attractive and she knows it, and we love it.



8. Etana – The strong one is also quite a beautiful one. As one of the top reggae artistes in the industry, she has dazzled us with her powerful voice on countless hits such as Reggae, I Rise and People Talk. 

Unfortunately, natural women are underappreciated in this industry, as many have to go above and beyond to make themselves be beautiful. Etana has no interest in doing any of that, and the masses are glad she has not as her radiance, elegance and curves all standout and further accentuate the presence she has on stage and in her music on a whole.
Saine Rapley

7. Saine – Jamaican singer, Saine Rapley is one of the island’s most eye catching musicians; her sex appeal undeniable and often on display in her music with sensual tracks such as F**kstrated, Special Lady and others. Never afraid to push boundaries in her music, she’s a risk taker and often times those risks result in quality music.

Her debut album, Naked is representative of that risque nature, with the album cover – depicting Rapley half-nude while covering her sexy bust – making for aesthetically pleasing viewing. The record represents not only her evolution as a person, but as a woman as she’s unafraid to bask in her sexuality and translate her sultry nature through her music. We hope to see and hear much more from this beauty in the future.


6. Ce’Cile – The ageless wonder, her body and ‘bad gyal’ persona sexier than ever in her 40s, Ce’Cile has rewrote the book on how to take care of yourself as you get older.

Never one to be afraid to push the envelope, Ce’Cile continues to send messages through her music and social media that she will never let a number define sexiness. Known for hits such as Missing You, I’m Waiting, Hot Like We and countless others, her songs are still as raunchy and to the point as they’ve always been as she continues to garner international acclaim. She’s arguably the hottest MILF in the industry right now.

Proof that natural beauty will last as long as determination and confidence are still a part of your game plan.

Kris Kelli

5. Kris Kelli – Remember when Jamaican singer, Kris Kelli first burst on the scene as a teenage singing prodigy in 2003? 13 years later, the self-professed queen of ‘Dutty Pop’ is all grown and sexy and making a name for herself in the United States.

Now signed to Rick Ross’ MMG Digital label, the 32-year-old Kelli has totally transformed her image and has released her first album since her move States side, 3rd World Problem, featuring singles such as Murda Dem, Batty Rida and Me and U (featuring Ross). As evidenced by this picture from a recent party MMG hosted, Kelli’s killer curves surely have male music lovers shooting for her attention. This new, sexier, more confident version of Kelli is admirable and if her music continues to be as ‘wow’ inducing as her body, she will be here to stay for a very long time.

Denyque Dontre

4. Denyque – Now a finalist for the 2016 Miss Universe pageant, Denyque has long been proving that her beauty is runway worthy.

The pop/R&B songstress – known for hit such as Can’t Breathe, Supergirl and Make Me Believe You – is any man’s dream with the voice of an angel and the body of a goddess (sorry fellas, she’s taken). What makes her even hotter is the fact she’s not just your typical girly girl. She loves sports (watching and playing them) and is comfortable in any male-heavy environment. After all, her industry is male dominated, but she refuses to play second fiddle and you can see that determination in her music as well as her ventures. Her WetSwim swimsuit brand has not only allowed us to see her in a different light as an entrepreneur, but as a sex symbol who we cannot get enough of.


3. Spice – She is the one of the most prominent acts in dancehall – male or female – and her beauty has become hotter like her stock in the industry has been in recent years.

With songs such as So Mi Like It and Needle Eye making her an international sensation, Spice has upped the ante when it comes to risque, making her one of the most dynamic stage performers around. Bootylicious like the Destiny’s Child song, Spice has a body any man will kill for  and some lucky male fans have gotten the chance to encounter that body on stage as she gyrates effortlessly to the amazement of onlookers. Carrying the mantle for a genre who needs a female to dominate the scene in the wake of Marion Hall’s (formerly Lady Saw) departure, Spice has not only embraced the role, she has become the epitome of a complete package as a musician and an undeniable sex symbol.

Kreesha Turner

2. Kreesha Turner – Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to a Jamaican mother, Kreesha Turner is very much a Sexy Gal, as her 2014 single alongside T.O.K depicts.

Turner, who formerly attended Wolmer’s Girls School, has the perfect body; fit, full of curves and clean. With other hits such as MJ and others, Turner has long been a must-see act in Canada and Jamaican music fans have also taken notice. She is very proud of her heritage and loves to incorporate it in her music, yoga and any other means. Plus, as evidenced at Jamaica and Hollywood carnival, she isn’t afraid to show off her cheeks. Drop dead gorgeous and full of talent, Kreesha has only scratched the surface with how far she can take her talents, especially with such a beautiful image to go along with it.


1. Ishawna – The face, the body, the sex appeal; Ishawna’s looks, to quote the titles one of the first songs that make her famous, are ‘legendary,’ looks that have legitimately made fellow industry players go crazy over her.

After joining Downsound Records in 2012, Ishawna managed to translate that aforementioned sex appeal into her image and her music; catapulting her to stardom with hits such as Need Love, Murderer and Vroom Vroom as she has become one of the leading ladies in dancehall music. Her style and ability to maintain her beauty through different imagery makes her second to none on this list. Ishawna simply is the top beauty in Jamaican music right now.

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